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ADL Parts Direct
ADL Parts Direct

Charge into Spring with ADL Starter Motors & Alternators

ADL Parts Direct

Alternator 24V - 100A (Mercedes Citaro, Vario, Optare Solo LK/LN - Mercedes engine)

Part No. DP999204
Only  £166.00  + vat

Alternator 24V - 180A (Volvo Bus B7L, B10B, B10BLE, B10L, B12, B12B, Olympian)

Part No. DP999213
Only  £320.00  + vat

Alternator 24V - 115A (Volvo B10M, B10R, Olympian, MCW Bus, Leyland Royal Tiger)

Part No. DP999209
Only  £251.25  + vat

Alternator - 24V - 80amp (MAN 8, 9, 10, 11, 13, 22, NM, SM & Mercedes-Benz O500 Series / Setra S400 /S500 Series (OM904 LA, OM906 LA, OM924LA, OM926LA)

Part No. DP999199
Only  £95.00  + vat

Alternator - 24V - 95amp (Dart/Dart SLF/Sabre)

Part No. DP999222
Only  £160.00  + vat

Alternator - 24V - 155amp (Mercedes-Benz O300 /O400 Series / Setra S200 /S300 Series - OM442A, OM447HLA)

Part No. DP999220
Only  £293.00  + vat

Alternator - 24V - 90amp (Optare, Iveco Bus Eurorider)

Part No. DP999206
Only  £176.25  + vat

Alternator - 24V - 140amp (Optare Metrorider AC, Plaxton Primo, Van Hool, Dennis Dart, Enviro 200, 300 & 400, Javelin & Pointer)

Part No. DP085164
Only  £215.00  + vat
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Starter Motors

Starter Motor 24V - 4KW 9tooth (Scania Bus 3-Series F/K93, F/K/L/N 113DN-DS-DSI 8)

Part No. DP999223
Only  £120.00  + vat

Starter Motor 24V - 4.5KW 10tooth (DAF SB120, Optare Solo)

Part No. DP999225
Only  £97.50  + vat

Starter Motor 24V - 12KW 12tooth (Volvo Bus B7F/R, B7L/DD)

Part No. DP999480
Only  £157.14  + vat

Starter Motor - 24V - 4KW (9 Tooth) - MAN Bus/Neoplan, Mercedes-Benz O500 Series / Setra S400/S 500 Series (OM904LA, OM906LA/HLA, OM924LA, OM926LA, M906LAG), Mercedes-Benz Tourino, Vario

Part No. DP999226
Only  £140.00  + vat

Starter Motor - 24V - 5.5KW (12 Tooth) - Dennis Dart SPD/E200/E300

Part No. DP999242
Only  £160.00  + vat

Starter Motor - 24V - 4KW (9 Tooth) - Mercedes-Benz O300/O400 Series, Setra S200/S300 Series (OM 360 + A, OM 366 + A/LA)

Part No. DP085161
Only  £120.00  + vat

Starter Motor - 24V - 5.4KW (11 Tooth) - Volvo Bus B10/12 (TD/THD engine) - B10B/BLE, B10L/M, B58(BR), DAF SB220, SBG220

Part No. DP999228
Only  £170.00  + vat

Starter Motor - 24V - 4KW (11 Tooth) - MAN Bus, Neoplan, Mercdes Benz O500-Series / Setra S400-/S 500-Series (OM904LA, OM906LA/HLA, OM924LA, OM926LA, M906LAG)

Part No. DP085162
Only  £166.67  + vat

Starter Motor - 24V - 5.4KW (11 Tooth) - Volvo Bus B10/12 (TD/THD engine) - B10R (BR) chassis 317306 --; B12, Olympian, Super Olympian

Part No. DP999227
Only  £170.00  + vat
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